Wrap Up: March 2020

Mar 30, 2020

Who could have predicted that March would be like this? I can't even remember what the start of March was like because the last two weeks in isolation have felt like an eternity.

All things considered, March has actually been quite productive... Before the virus took hold of the world I did a spring clean. Finally, vacuuming all of my hair out of the carpets. Of course, now that I've been stuck inside for much longer portions of time, it's all back.


The biggest events of this month have been:
1. Putting in an offer on a house... to have the virus cancel it...
2. Going to my first ever writer's group - to have it Virus Cancelled..
3. Being two thirds "done" with Oakport - see below for how the virus nearly cancelled that...
Things the virus can't cancel:
4. Spring cleaning the house
5. Release of Animal Crossing!
6. Actually using this blog again... And making it look fancier.

Writing Update

Without turning into a big miserable blob, I've gotta preface this whole writing update section with a note about relevance in this difficult time. It has been incredibly difficult, especially in the last couple of weeks to write at all - let alone writing anything of substance. Reading the news and all the horrible details of what's happening outside my front door and beyond has tended to stunt any flow of creativity - obviously. Who has the mental capacity to put a group of magically gifted teenage girls, living in an alt-version of Gloucester, through terrible trials and disasters so that they can eventually live their best lives when in the real world literal trials and disasters are challenging real people and changing the course of their lives forever? I don't...

... Or didn't, until I remembered why I write. To escape... to create stories so that other people can escape too. Now, obviously, no one but me (and a few close others) are going to be reading this story right now. But in the future, someone might... and it might help. I don't know...

Long story short... It's not irrelevant to want to help people get through difficult times by telling stories.

So with that out of the way, I've found writing a mental battle this month. I've been resisting the urge to not write at all. But I'm trying to complete a full draft of Moon of Oakport by my birthday... So we'll see.


Two books this month - and one failed book, that I had to return to the library before the virus kicked in... Both of the books I read were also stories I've listened to/knew already but oh well!

Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch

Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins by Matthew Colville


  1. Chamomile Tea in my medieval mug - Calming and badass at the same time!
  2. South-facing wall of windows for the optimal sun in the afternoons
  3. Animal Crossing - It's saving my sanity
  4. Anno - Also amazing at keeping me sane (multiplayer is where it's at!)
  5. Lino Art - It's so fun and messy. I love the results.
  6. D&D - Ghosts of Saltmarsh campaign is starting to kick off now!
  7. My basil farm - fresh pesto all the time!
  8. 30 Day Fitness Challenge (already talked about this in my App post)
  9. Studio Ghibli themed stuff - Post-its, socks, pens.... Studio Ghibli 4 life!
  10. Getting to 'briefly' go outside and see the blossoms...

Goals for April

As always, get this book done! I also want to work on shorter projects to feel that sense of accomplishment. And prove to myself that I can finish something. I'm also working on my fitness level, I've not been happy with it a while so whilst I'm stuck inside I'm going to work on that!

Thanks for reading!

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