May Update 2021

May 20, 2021

There was something up with March and April this year. Everyone I've spoken to seemed to struggle with something. It's like there was something in the air causing us to spiral. Now the air is filled with dust and gubbins from roads, trees and whatever else as we seem to be in the middle of what will (I secretly hope) turn into an Oz-style storm.

I know it seems weird to come on here and talk about the weather. This was once a thriving blog filled with wit and anecdote and insightful reviews and life-changing advice......


It was, wasn't it?

I maintain that I have always written insightfully about whatever topic happens to fall from my foggy mind, travels down my fingertip and onto the keys. Today my mum dropped off my old diaries from 2003 - 2011, and oh boy, it's a treat. When I'm wistfully reminiscing on my childhood, I like to imagine myself to be constantly scribbling and filling notebook after notebook, like some kind of prolific child. But the reality is much different, as the evidence suggests.

My diaries from 2002-2011 consist of partly filled notebooks which, until I was about 14, all begin with a Tracey Beaker style opening. Name, Age, DoB, favourite food, colour, book. You get the idea... And then after those informative front pages where I state that my favourite colour is green, but my personality colour is pink, there are a few further entries. Fewer words every time. Sometimes promises to keep it up. But eventually there is nothing.

I wonder if anyone else did this? Or still does this...

And what's a personality colour? What does that even mean?

The rest of May has been exhausting, honestly. With work to the house going on, it's meant that I've had to provide multiple cups of tea - which is great, I like having people around to host to. But what I don't like is the panic of remembering to have enough clean mugs to last the day. To clean the mugs the dishwasher needs to be filled and/or emptied every day. Every single day! Cleaning!! I know!!!

There, that's my problem.

Besides that tremendous exhaustion on my life for which I require much sympathy, please and thank you, I read a book. After not reading a book for March and April. I also started a NEW notebook and have written in it every day, which I did not do in March and April. And I've seen my friends and family in the flesh, inside and outside, which I also didn't do but for much longer than March and April.

The point of this list of things that I'm doing now that I didn't do in March and April being - Things move always like a river flows. And it's okay to get a bit stuck on the bank for a while because when you're ready you can just hop back in and go with the river once more.

Thanks for reading.

Ps. I read Front Desk by Kelly Yang

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