Summer Wrap Up: Still Here, Still Writing

Oct 25, 2020

Hey, folks. So it's been two months since I last posted and it's also one week until Halloween and I thought it would be nice to do a quick summer update in preparation for the thinned veil between our world and the spirit world... So that 'they' know what I'm like. A bit of a mess but generally alright and not deserving of a spooking, haunting, possessing or anything of that nature.

So, it's not hot anymore, it's cold. Which I'm grateful for. I love the cosy feeling of curling up with a hot drink or snack in one of my many, many hoodies and knowing that I don't have to go outside for anything at all.

I think that planning even just a morning or evening a week like that does wonders for the mind. At least it does wonders for my mind...

So as it's been a little while, I thought I'd do a quick wrap up of the last couple of months - but spoiler alert - there's not much to report.

Writing Update

I'm about to start Nanowrimo. With a NEW STORY! That's right! I've put The Moon of Oakport into the digital bottom drawer for a while to focus on a new idea that I'm really excited to explore. I've been planning it for about three weeks now and here's a HOT TAKE for everyone.... Planning a big writing project actually seems like a smart thing to do! Knowing things about your characters and story BEFORE pouring thousands of words into it WORKS! Tell everyone, spread the word! Plan your novels, fools!

I will - of course - return to The Moon of Oakport eventually, I just wanted to see if I still had the passion for world-building and story-crafting (instead of spending all my time editing and criticising) and I DO! It's a huge check in my 'am-I-still-living-the-way-I-want-to?' box.


I don't have photographic evidence of all the books that I've read since the last reading update because all my books are currently snuggled into boxes ready for us to move house. But I was reading quite a bit especially over the summer.

Here's a quick list of my new reads:

Saga by Brian K Vaughan
I started collecting these graphic novels back when I worked at Waterstones but never actually got around to reading them - and now I've read volumes 1-6!

Pumpkin Heads by Rainbow Rowell
This was such a fun little graphic novel to read - it would make a great autumnal read too - but I read it in spring and it was still wonderful, heartwarming and cosy.

Circe by Madeline Miller
I listened to this one and my memories of reading it are intertwined with chopping and baking. But this story broke me. So that's twice this year that Madeline Miller has broken me. Can't wait to read everything else she's ever written.

The Girl of Ink and Stars by Kiran Millwood Hargrave
This one was a quick one day read and it was a great one too! I love reading middle-grade fiction because of this. I am never disappointed by the endings of these books and yeah, it's so much fun!

Shockingly, that's all I've read. But my GoodReads is telling me I'm currently reading twelve books so I'm clearly great at starting books but terrible at finishing them... but we all knew that already!


1.Tony's Chocolate- it's delicious! Buy some and learn about the inequality of the chocolate industry
2.** Good Omens** - Yep, I'm behind the times I know but it was a great show.
3. Tropic Skincare - It's so gentle makes my skin so smooth!
4. D&D - Homebrew Level Zero University Campaign is angsty and a fun escape
5. Neko Neko Post - Bring Loft (Japanese stationery store) to me as I cannot go to it!
6. **My Logitech Keyboard **- Oh my, it's so, so fancy! And so nice to type on.
7. 60 Days In - Docu-series where citizens volunteer themselves into incarceration in America's worst prisons, so addictive.
8. Eventbrite - Been having an amazing time watching my favourite authors in some online events
9. Punting in Oxford - Yep that happened! We had a mini-holiday!
10. Cane's Ride Calculator & Optimizer for Planet Coaster - This helped me get (nearly) all the stars on Planet Coaster - it's not cheating it's innovation! Thanks Cane.

Photo Gallery

Here's a small collection on photos from things that I've done... Not going to lie - it was hard to find some... Special shout out to the tree in the bottom left picture clogging up the footpath in Oxford and the birthday boardgames.

Goals for November

I'm doing Nanowrimo so my goal is to write a book... but I have a nervous disposition so I'm just going to say that my goal is to write lots!

Thanks for reading!

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