Writing: How IS my novel going?

Mar 9, 2020

I've been working on this thing for around two years and it FINALLY feels like I'm nearing the end. My deadline was February... which it isn't anymore... but that's okay. Right?

I've been working on plot because it's so THICK with side quests and subplots and sub-drama and distractions that the real story that I'm trying to tell is almost non-existent especially towards the end.

What's even more frustrating (and my poor friends who've had to endure reading literally ANYTHING I've written will attest to this) is that my ending are always like this. In a nutshell: Confusing, confusing and... confusing.

So, I'm currently working on pairing down my story to ONLY exactly what it is. I don't want to start new story arcs two thirds of the way through my book... because I don't like reading that so I'm not gonna write it.

If word count is still important, it's been sitting pretty at 69,000 words for the past couple of months after I brutally sliced 20,000 off the end.

I'm still hoping to have it done, like, now. But that means I need to stop procrastinating like the life gremlin I am.

Thanks for reading!

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