June Update 2021

Jun 29, 2021

Where the heck has June gone?!

I'm so unbelievably dazed about the way time is passing at the moment. When I think back over June and all the things I did (and didn't) do, it seems fairly epic in comparison to the rest of the last year and a half. I've eaten out in restaurants... with my friends! I went to Ascot, a bridal shower, and played D&D with real people in person.

Writing Update

I also made a lot of progress on my book. It's coming to the end of term 2 on my course, and I have a lot of nervous energy surrounding my manuscript. Guys, people, readers, whoever you are... it's changed so much since I started it a million years ago! And I'm so, so happy with the journey my main character is taking now. And I'm so, so anxious that I'm not actually going to be able to pull it off. But, that's a problem for me and my editor now.

I'm powering through and looking forward to... looking forward. I'm excited to keep writing The Moon of Oakport and excited to finish and start something new.

The Thing

I really want to talk about something super boring. It's about this thing I've started doing. Well, it's not that boring, at least I don't think so... I actually think it is going to change my life, but it seems fairly boring and basic... It's called the four-minute rule. I learned it from the Dr of Happiness Andy Cope. And it's simply this:

Be the BEST you, you can be... for four minutes.

Now, I hear you. You're thinking that it sounds a bit corny. What is the 'best' anyway. But it can be anything! And it can help you do... **anything! **Only good stuff, though.

I'll tell you why I'm talking about this. It's because of a thing my brain does that I didn't think I could switch off. For years and years and years, I've been planning for 'perfection'. But in the most damaging way. I had these big over-arching plans that span months into the future with impossible goals attached to them. And I expect future DruidGeorgi to follow through with these goals. Whether they're:

  • Write 750 words a day and finish your manuscript in 3 months (Stephen King does 2000 words everyday after all!)
  • Lose 15kg and buy a new pair of jeans to celebrate.
  • Decorate every room in the house and then you can have friends over to visit.

You get what I'm saying? And what I'm saying is that I've been acting like a crazy person! I never, ever, ever used to set myself goals I expected to fail. And, it's so mean. So I'm not doing that anymore...

I'm saying this instead:

  • Sit down to write for 4 minutes and see what comes out.
  • When you want a snack, sit for 4 minutes and listen to what your body actually needs. (It's mostly thirsty or sleepy.)
  • Tidy a room for 4 minutes and see how it looks afterwards.
  • Do that thing you've been meaning to do, for 4 minutes and watch it get done.

And, it doesn't just stop at changing my lofty goals either! I can do it for my own self and mental attitute too:

  • When I arrive at this event, I'm going to be the best guest... for 4 minutes.
  • When my partner gets home, I'm going to be the best partner... for 4 minutes.
  • When I open my manuscript, I'm going to be the best writer... for 4 minutes.
  • When I see my family, I'm going to be the best daughter... for 4 minutes.
  • When I wake up, I'm going to be the best version of myself... for 4 minutes.

And, it works. But you have to really believe it. You can't fake it. You can't be over the top and stupid about it. You just have to be yourself but the best one. Haha!

My catchphrase in life (because every good cartoon character has a catchphrase) is, 'imagine if I'd done tried or whatever.' And now I can! For 4 minutes!

Listen, I know this sounds a bit bonkers. But it's not. I promise. It's like I've flicked the switch in my brain and things have just become clearer. And I'm enjoying exploring the positive version of myself... for 4 minutes.


I thought, whilst I'm rambling on on the subject of positivity that I'd share my favourites for this month (I haven't done one since last summer):

  1. My new chest of drawers. All my clothes are finally of the spare bed!
  2. Looking out my windows into my garden and spotting bunnies, deer, kittens...
  3. Into the Woods by John Yorke
  4. My wireless, noise cancelling headphones
  5. Mowing my lawn/freshly mowed lawn
  6. Sunbathing in my garden or just generally being in or around my garden
  7. My Lucy & Yak dungarees
  8. Pub gardens
  9. Bean bags... just in general.
  10. Homemade sweet & salty popcorn

Photo Gallary

Here's a photo of my garden so you can see why it's 3 of my favourite things for June.

Goals for July

Do I even need to write it... Oh, go on then!

Be the BEST... for 4 minutes.

Thanks for reading!

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