Wrap Up: January & February 2020

Mar 17, 2020

OH MY JEEZ! This is gonna be a tough-y but I've gotta start somewhere else I won't be able to catch up. 2020 has been A LOT already so I'm going to do my best to share what's up.

Writing Update

I'm so close to the end! SO SO close. Like in the summer (my last wrap up) I'm still basically doing the same thing but now my mum's read it and said it was good so that's pretty cool!

I'm definitely closer to the end than I was in the summer, and I'm even more ready for someone else to help me make it REALLY good. Because it's becoming blindingly obvious that I can't do this on my own.

On the 17th February, I started planning my new book... That's right, I'm duel teaming it! The (incredibly smart and not at all damaging) idea behind this is that when I feel like procrastinating, I'll just switch over to my new project and work on that! Stay tuned for an in depth process post about what I'm doing to not waste time and make a mess of my plot.


I've started the new reading challenge on Goodreads. After crashing and burning last year, I decided to set my target low and smash it! So far, I've read these beauties. And in the picture my headphones and library card represent the books I've borrowed from the library/listened to and don't have a photo of.


In January:
Changes by Mercedes Lackey
Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata
The Secret Commonwealth by Phillip Pullman


In February:
The Tribe of Witches: The Religion of the Dobunni and Hwicce by Stephan J. Yeates
Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller
Masterclass: Writing Crime Fiction by Rosemary Rowe

Favourites: January & February 2020

  1. Baking Bread KitchenAid for Christmas. Bread for life!
  2. Cozy Winter Blanket Days I never feel like leaving my house right now.
  3. House Hunting That's right, we're buying something!
  4. Porridge for Breakfast Return of Super Porridge, peanut butter mixed in.
  5. Patrick Rothfuss Lunches Bread, cheese, honey, pickle. Medieval, yo!
  6. The Good Place - Series Finale I love this TV show! Ending was perfect.
  7. The Rookie Nathan Fillion as a cop. Character dynamics, second to none.
  8. My Planner It's pink. It's on recycled paper. It's overpriced. It works
  9. Pilot Legno Mechanical Pencil It deserves some love!
  10. New Phone! It doesn't random turn off. Or delete things. Or burn my hand! I'm so lucky.

Goals For March

So we're technically in week two of March but that doesn't matter. I haven't achieved anything tangible yet so it's all good!
Obviously, I want to finish my book! I've joined a writing group too so I'm hoping that that'll help to boost my love of writing... which I hesitate to say... has wavered a little bit.
Back in November, I went on a illustration course and fell back in love with lino printing. So, a goal for March is to work on producing lino art. To hopefully sell.
My final goal for March is to move house, one final time for the foreseeable future.
If you're interested in learning more about my novel: click here for my latest update.

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