Wrap Up: January 2019

Feb 1, 2019

Wrap up of January 2019. What a doozy this month has been! As I’m writing this, there’s a din of a saw as the kitchen flooring is being replaced. This is just one of the many random things that have happened this month. And I’m exhausted!

Let’s Start with Work

The novel is nearly done. And I keep telling people it is too! I’ve got to make it happen. I’ve been working non-stop on it everyday in January and I’m finally in a place where I can say that I think it’s pretty okay. Touch wood…

It’s shaping up to be the largest piece of writing I’ve ever done. At 62,000 words, to date. So, if I wasn’t proud of it as this point what a colossal waste of time and words it will be.

The Workspace has saved my life. Two days a week I have a place to go and do some hard writing. No distractions and no excuses. This has been my biggest win of January! Though it’s expensive to rent desk space, for me it’s worth every penny!


I’ve stepped up my reading game this month by entering the GoodReads 2019 reading challenge. I’m trying for 30 books this year! Graphic Novels, as always, are included. (For my progress: https://www.goodreads.com/challenges/8863-2019-reading-challenge)

I’ve also had a ‘problem’. For all of the years of my life I have shopped for books. When I worked for Waterstone’s around 45% of my wages went back into the company. Since leaving, I still shop for books. I can and would spend hundreds of pounds a month on books without even trying.

But here’s the problem; I don’t read them. I just buy them, they sit on my shelves. Which inevitably break under their weight. (That happened twice last year.) So, I’m trying (Emphasis on trying!) to go back through my growing library and read the stacks I already own. Before I buy new.

As a recovering book-a-holic. I’ve managed to only adopt a few books this month. So here’s my haul, Christmas books included.

Left to Right: Moonstruck, The Green Roasting Tin, Zodiac Star Force, Hounded
Check out my review of Moonstruck:


Here is a list of my 10 favourite things this January:

  1. Hot Lemon & Honey
  2. Pepe’s Paneer Rice
  3. Slippers
  4. Vive
  5. 8Fit App (https://8fit.com/)
  6. Two Point Hospital (https://www.twopointhospital.com/)
  7. The Colonists (http://thecolonistsgame.com/)
  8. Proud Lion (https://www.proudlion.co.uk/)
  9. Hemingway App (http://hemingwayapp.com)
  10. Wild Sage & Co Shampoo Bar (https://www.wild-sage.co.uk/product/handmade-natural-vegan-soap/shampoo-bar-rosemary-lavender)

Goals for February

I want to finish my book. It’s time! So, that’s my focus for February.

I also want to be a little more diligent on my health and diet. Winter has made me doughy. Sitting on the sofa, eating bread, trying to get warm. So, I will try a little harder to go outside and get my blood pumping this February!

That’s it for my Wrap Up: January 2019! If you liked this post please check out my other content here: https://druidgeorgi.com/category/blog/

Or my latest review:

Thanks for reading!

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