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Here it is a Wrap Up: June 2019! I did so much and could sleep for a million days if the world let me. Maybe one day… Work Professionally flying right now! The end is in sight as I write my way over the halfway mark of my third edit. But it’s been a slog….Continue Reading “Wrap Up: June 2019”

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Here we go. Wrap Up: May 2019! May, May, May. I have so much to say about this damn May. Let’s go, with this wrap-up! Work Work has been a smooth ride this month. After a bit of a professional bummer at the end of April, I had to figure out how to scramble back…Continue Reading “Wrap Up: May 2019”

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Happy Wrap Up for April 2019 everybody! Let’s get stuck in. **Preface** This month has had an accompaniment of builders, plumbers and professional rejection. So if you notice any existentialist frustration in this post, that’s why. Work Work has been a slog. I’ve been in full panic edit-mode and it’s been a very uncreative working…Continue Reading “Wrap Up: April 2019”

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Here’s my wrap up: March 2019. Wow this year is flying by. Work It was only a couple of weeks since I talked about the progress on my novel. It’s not changed much so I’d take a look at February’s wrap up for detail. I am still reaping the benefits of sharing my book with…Continue Reading “Wrap Up: March 2019”

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A delayed wrap up of February 2019, but at least I did it! Work! On 21st February I called it quits on the second/third draft (I don’t even know anymore) of my YA novel. I worked non-stop on the book for the whole of February, which is why I didn’t post anything else… Nothing to…Continue Reading “Wrap Up: February 2019”

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Wrap up of January 2019. What a doozy this month has been! As I’m writing this, there’s a din of a saw as the kitchen flooring is being replaced. This is just one of the many random things that have happened this month. And I’m exhausted! Let’s Start with Work The novel is nearly done….Continue Reading “Wrap Up: January 2019”

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Let’s make resolutions for 2019! But first, we must reunite! Hello… again It’s been a while. Half a year. But that’s okay, I think. I’m here now and I’m saying “hello” to the blogging world again. So, what are we doing here? Well, let’s make resolutions for 2019! And figure stuff out together But first…Continue Reading “Let’s make resolutions for 2019”