Wrap Up: January 2018

Feb 5, 2018

The first month of 2018. Oh boy, oh boy! It’s been a bit of a crazy one. But I’m actually feeling pretty positive about it.

I’ve learnt a lot, consumed a lot and thought a lot. I think I’m moving into February with a better understanding of what I’m doing with my life, what I love and don’t love so much and what I want to improve.

So here goes:

This month I read 3 books:

Only one of which was new. And two I’ve been dying to read for years!

I watched a shit load of tv shows but standouts are:

And played a handful of games:

In terms of consuming stuff! I’ve done alright! I tried to branch out, get rid of the January blues. And I think I’ve learnt a lot about what I like and don’t like!

Other January Things

I also started to downsize & tidy. Trying to figure out what needed changing in my life to make everything run more smoothly.

Getting to grips with zero-waste is hard! But, we’ve reduced our black bag waste to only one bag for every ten-ish days and it’s a pretty light bag too.

I read on one blog that you’re supposed to go through your bin bag and see where the waste is coming from. And ours is mostly unavoidable plastic, receipts and dust from our little robot hoover. I don’t think that’s too bad!

In January I also started a writing for video games course run by John Yorke and the Professional Writing Academy. It’s been really nice to get back to the basics of story-telling. In a whole new form. I’ll maybe do an update on my progress a little further through the course. Right now I’m just dusting some cobwebs off my knowledge of story structure…

One last thing I did was go to Cambridge! I’ve never been there before. And guys, it was great! Really lovely. I could (and did) wander around for hours. Taking in the building, running into random museums, nearly getting run over by the insane bikers.

And – That is it!

Thanks for reading!

And Happy February!

Oh, I also did a lot of this:


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