Week Blog: Olympics or whatever

Jul 29, 2012

There’s something about the warm weather that makes me unable to do anything. The most I can fathom doing whilst the sun is shining is roll out of bed into my garden and lie there for the next 5 hours. I’m not ashamed of this activity either, if it was an Olympic sport then I know I would win gold.

The Olympics have officially started now and I’m filled with that overwhelming inspiration Lord Coe talked about.

I’m so inspired I’ve actually created my own Olympic sport I called sun-rolling (see above for details). I think it will become quite popular amongst those of us who are cursed with the ‘I really can’t be fucked to exercise today, I’ll do it tomorrow’ gene.

In all seriousness, the only part of the games that really interests me (because of good ol’ Danny Boyle, I guess) was the opening ceremony, and it was bloody weird, wasn’t it? The secretism surrounding the ceremony clearly scared the nation into a deep pit of fear over whether we can hold a candle to China’s Olympics.

And in contrast to all the stupid-ass criticism from my Facebook news feed, He did a pretty class job at making our small little island stand out from the rest of the world.

And I know I don’t need to reply to all that criticism that will follow the ‘Isles of Wonder’ but if I did it would probably sound a little like this…

‘YOU DO A BETTER JOB… you complete and utter BELL-ENDS.’

Rant about unnecessary criticism over now, I promise, but if you somehow managed to miss the spectacle then it’s definitely worth watching, if you don’t mind being thoroughly tripped out for a while.

My week away from the Olympics has been quite uneventful. (Not too surprisingly).

I traveled across to London to see my beautiful friends, and after finding a cool garden we succeeded in spending many lounging hours sprawled on the grass listening to our mix of cheesy-yet-classy music. But ending the day with sad farewells has made me crave for next month where we’ll get to live together again.

One final thought before I shut up for a while.

I find trains perfect for creativity. I’m not sure why but I always seem to do some of my strangest work when moving from place to place.

Many a poem, story, and drawing have found their beginnings on the national rail service, here is part of the result of this journey. Inspired by and drawn for my wacky friend Ruth who joined me on part of the train ride.

That’s all folks.

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