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Aug 4, 2012
Experimentation was the theme of my Friday night. NO, not like that! (Dirty!) 
A few months ago I’d gone to a little shop which sold things like crystals, dream catchers, incense and stuff and purchased some purple hair dye without really knowing why. 
Since then it’s been sitting in my bathroom untouched and unloved. Until last night when I had nothing else to do but ponder the current low of my existence as I endlessly searched the TV guide for something good to watch. To my lethargic despair there was nothing on so I dragged myself up to my room with a pair of marigolds and stood in front of my sink. 
I’ve never dyed my hair myself before so I really didn’t know where to start. I thought I’d start off with a few strands of hair and wrap them in tin foil, like they do in those cheesy hollywood teen movies.(Not that I enjoy watching these movies or anything, I’ve just had a lot of spare time recently.) But this system failed very quickly and I just decided to cake the entire bottom quarter of my hair in the dye. 
I can say that I’m pleased with the results, I might add another layer of colour at some point in the future but for now purple is perfect. I’ve officially cured my boredom for a while, so yeah!
Finished Colour

Inspired by my new hair, I’ve scoured the internet with a fine tooth comb and picked out a few of my favourite hairstyles. 
Indulgent is the theme, catch you soon. 

Icy white hair – stunning 
Emerald green is enchanting
Copper is my favourite
Pink like a superhero
Beautiful lavender

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