Week Blog: worlds apart but close to heart

Jul 22, 2012

This last week has been something weird. It started in a field in Cheltenham and ended in a tapas bar in the back streets of Barcelona.

2000 Trees. A local festival. Willingly pushed along by a friend, fed a mountain of beer and unknowingly frenzied by the immense volume of the music.

I can’t say that waking up in a tent with no memory of the night before was a great thing and I can not, no will not condone it in the future… But at the time and now…. (before I’m quickly reminded of what a pain I am by everybody around me) all I could think was, “This is fucking awesome!” Or something to that nature.

Highlights include: wading knee-deep in sludge that’s best thought of as chocolate mousse for the sake of my spirit, watching groups of adults wander around dressed as lemmings and wiping mud all over my distorted companions who clearly had no prior knowledge of how annoying I can be.

Then it was Barcelona. The city of buildings. Great buildings. Beautiful, beautiful buildings. And food! Oh God, the food! Every bite of deliciously fresh fish, crunchy tomato bread, and chocolate truffle was like a little party in my mouth. I’m salivating all over my keyboard at the thought of it all.

A quick two day trip to this beautiful city barely gives you enough time to check off the ‘top ten things to do’ or the ‘must-sees of Barcelona.’ But really as soon as I got there I just thought, ‘fuck the lists’ I’m doing this my way, because, for me, it’s about the vibe of the city. I say you haven’t visited a place until you’ve got yourself completely lost in it. And that’s exactly what I did.

Getting off the subway to see the Sagrada Familia looming tall in front of me made my fingers itch and I then spent the next few hours standing in its power, drawing, then sitting, then thinking. Ah-mazing! There are no words. It’s breath-taking. Just go there, it speaks for itself.

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