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Sep 26, 2016

Does this count as a blog if the only thing I do is write updates months apart?
I don’t think it does really…
I’m sad and ashamed. I love my little blog space. Though we’ve got a new name now… Tricks on Toast.

So-oh many things have been and gone since my last update… Mid-January to Late September is a big ass break. I will attempt to update on some of the lovely things that have happened to me this year but as always I’ll forget things, elaborate on things or just get overly cynical towards the end…

January was boring… umm… yeah. Work and stuff.
February ended with me quitting my job.
March started with me getting on a plane on my own for the first time ever to see my lovely, lovely friend, Hannah in Tokyo. I slept on her floor and took up space in her dinky apartment for a the whole of March. **Sorry Han!**
In April, I flew down to New Zealand and spent 8 hours in Auckland airport waiting for my mum. We then flew on to the gorgeous Cook Islands. I ate the freshest seafood ever, swan amongst the most beautiful reefs and made awesome progress on my novel. That week disappeared.
Then! I flew back to Auckland and was met by my amazing boyfriend who scooped me up and drove with me around the north island for two weeks. Hobbiton happened! Camping happened! Crazy family reunion happened! Giant birthday pancakes happened! Then he disappeared and I strolled around Wellington for a few days, a little sad but I surrounded myself with the Weta Workshop so it was all okay.
At the beginning of May, I was in San Francisco. At the end of May, I was back at work… but also back with my lovely boyfriend… but missing Hannah… and also missing money…
May was a weird one.
June was just like January. Except I had less money and more fat around my middle.
July was the same. Except I found myself slowly moving in with my man…
August happened… I quit work again.
September. That’s where we are now. So far in September, I’ve moved out of my flat and (half) out of my mum’s house into Boop’s house. (I shall now refer to my boyfriend as Boop because I can’t be bothered with all the typing.) And then we moved out of Boop’s house 200 miles south to Cornwall where 4 days later I started my Masters.

So that’s where we are now.
I’m in my second week of study. The house is sort of unpacked. And I’m excited about life and the future. It’s been a while since I’ve said that… or even thought it.

Well I think I’ll leave it at that for today. I’m exhausted just recalling it.

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