Life: Good Intentions

Aug 10, 2016

I have a book that I just call my ‘planning book’. Inside you’ll find to-do lists, goals, life tracking charts, shopping lists, reading lists, watching lists, lists of people to kill, things to bury for winter. I started making books like this when I was quite young. Daily planning lists became an obsession of mine, I had to be doing my homework from 4:45 to 6pm every evening and waking up at 7:30am to do my 30minute jog before school. When I left school (many moons ago) I loosened up the schedules but the lists continued – obsessively.

It’s my day off today and I find myself working on a new list, my ‘healthy eating’ plan. On the left hand side of my page is my daily intake of food and drink and on the right is my planning lists; under 100calorie snacks, ‘free foods’ and ideal daily calorie intake.

I will follow this plan for approximately 3 days.

My good intentions will last for 3 days.

And then it’s a chore.

And I’ll sidestep into my comfy routine which don’t involve maths with my food.

I’m not sure why I’m feeling the need to write this down… Maybe it’s a motivation to make this obsessive list outlive its 3 day expiry date.

I’m okay with that.


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