New Year, new something or whatever...

Jan 1, 2017

The very fact that I’m writing anything on here means that you can probably figure out what I’m trying to do for a resolution or whatever.

I’ve called myself a writer for about a decade and I like to think I’m disciplined. However, I’m also really good at lying to myself. Here’s a version of the lie I tell myself about disciplined writing: “I don’t write everyday. I think about writing everyday. And thinking about it is really half of the writing anyway.”

You see how I’m just a big fat liar? This year I’m going to try to not be one of those. I’ve got a couple of plans for this blog space. The focus being on writing (duh!), book reviews, game reviews, lifestyle stuff (maybe?) as well as a few creative writing type things. I’m also going to be pulling some quite old bits of blog over from blogger, so we’ll see how that goes. My main goal is to not break any promises so I’m going to try to keep up a steady stream of writing.

So yes. That’s probably it for now.Happy New Year!

I can’t remember how to sign off this thing… *shrug*

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