Nugget of Wisdom: Goals

Aug 13, 2012
I’ve broken my camera. Again. But in my frantic search for a receipt I stumbled upon some important bits of paper that I’d thought I’d lost and was completely transported back to January last year.

I went to Southern India with Raleigh International, an experience I knew I wouldn’t be forgetting for quite a while.

These little bits of paper may mean nothing to most people, but to me they’re little fragments of memory that help piece together the amazing experience I had.

Anyway, this blog isn’t going to be me talking about my gap year and how fabulous it was, because I’m not a complete twat.  I want to talk about something else.

My discovery had made me hungry for a longer walk down memory lane so I went into the diary I kept whilst I was abroad, just to flick through it again. I’d written a list of things that I wanted to do when I got back and I’ve been slowly crossing them off. A year later, I’ve only got a one thing left to do.
I won’t bore you with the entire list but it varied from things like getting my hair restyled to doing something creative every day and spending more time with my mum.
Not exactly ground breaking stuff but at the time it felt like a cleansing ritual or a re-birth and now most of the stuff it’s done, I feel that it’s time to make room for some new goals.

I know, I know, it’s not New Years or anything, but I just need something to keep me ticking over. If you don’t know what it’s like to feel you’ve lost direction then you’re lucky, but it’s isolating and scary.
First thing I want to do is finish the thing on my India List. The remaining ‘to do’ is to get my ear pierced. Easy.
Then my main goal, for the year, at least, is to write more and get it acknowledged. Maybe enter competitions, send scripts and manuscripts to directors, editors and other VIPs.  My hope is that it will boost my creative confidence that at the moment resembles the very stiff, dead badger I saw on the side of the motorway yesterday.
Just think about it, what part of You are you working on?
(If you say nothing, then I only assume that you think you’re perfect, and if you think that, you’re a complete dipshit.)
That’s all the wisdom I can bestow right now, so have a good day and stuff. 

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