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Aug 27, 2012

OH HEY! I know you’ve missed me! 

I’ve been backwards and forwards for a while and summer antics have prevented any blogs from dripping from my brain to the internet.

Now back at my ‘home’ in Gloucestershire I’ve just been thinking about packing up my stuff and moving back to Cornwall. Only thinking about it though. 

I’m quite a badass packer and I see putting my entire life into the back of a car as a game of tetris.  
But with all the extra holiday time it feels like I’ve been over preparing myself for this art of packing and have yet to put anything in the back of my car.

Though, I’m getting ahead of myself here. Because I know everyone’s dying to know details of my amazing life!! You nosey, little buggers. 

Just because I’m going to try to re-introduce some sort of structure to this blog thing, I’m only going to focus on my new addiction. So sit tight and no judgement as I show you exactly what level of boredom I have been subjected to this holiday time… Taking pictures of me in my clothes… for fun! 
So. Yep. My addiction. That. Oh! The embarrassment.

Though I am constantly surrounded by my ridiculously huuuuuge sea of clothing so, yeah. It’s my world, AND WHAT’S THIS BLOG ABOUT? That’s right. 

There’s my quite lame justification, and if you need more…. then just piss off, I trying to practice my writing, you Cretans!

I’ve written before about how rubbish my grip on fashion is, but this doesn’t stop me from buying clothes. All the live long, bloody day! Damn you, ASOS!

And sometimes it takes me years to wear some of the things I buy. It’s a really problem…

So here’s one of my current loves.
The blazer. It’s apparently ‘in’ right now… I think it looks snappy and sleek. Though I’ve had this one for about three years and it’s still got the label in it. 

See what I mean! Problem.

Right now that this embarrassing blog is out of the way… time to re-establish this bad boy as a place of intellectual learning and growth…. JOKING! 

When I fix my camera, I can make you all jealous at how amazing Venice is. Oh, did I mention I went to Venice?


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