Let's make resolutions for 2019

Jan 7, 2019

Let’s make resolutions for 2019!

But first, we must reunite!

Hello… again

It’s been a while. Half a year. But that’s okay, I think. I’m here now and I’m saying “hello” to the blogging world again. So, what are we doing here? Well, let’s make resolutions for 2019! And figure stuff out together

But first a 2018 Review

2018 was scatterbrained. I was all over the place, mentally, physically, work-ily and home-ily. I tried multiple things, began many projects and introduced new challenges into my life. Some I failed and some I won.

2018 was a year of personal introspection, self-analysis and truth-finding. I didn’t put much out into the world because I was still trying to figure out what I wanted to say and who I wanted to be.

As we reunite for 2019, I want to share some of my experiences here on this blog. With this, I hope to help people… or something.

Let’s Reunite

So, hi. Welcome. This is my blog. Where I write things and share ideas. I’m trying my best. Let’s try our best together.

This is me.

I’m looking at a really old arch in Ancient Corinth.

This is also me. (I drew this, be kind.)

Sketch of girl with leaves in her hair

And welcome to DruidGeorgi.com.

Let’s Make Resolutions for 2019 – The PLAN!

I think I’m one of the best planners ever. I can plan all day every day.

Here is a list of a random selection of previous planning blog posts from deep within the archives of druidgeorgi.com





Please feel free to have a look, or completely ignore any or all of these links. But, they might give you a feel for what’s about to happen here.

So, let’s make resolutions!

I’m splitting my resolutions for 2019 into 5 main categories.

  1. Work
  2. Health
  3. Relationships
  4. Lifestyle
  5. Creativity

These are the areas I am looking to improve. Seems like all of my life, right?

Next, it’s time to think about what I’m looking for from each of these areas. It needs to be one idea. One goal that can’t be easily achieved in a couple of months. But one that will arc over the whole year.

Work Resolution

Work Resolution: Be on the road to publication.

I’m a writer. So, this year I’m looking to let my first book free into the wild world. That’s my top resolution for 2019. Because of this, I need to think of the steps to take in order to achieve that!

  • Firstly, I need to finish the second draft of my book.
  • Next, send it out to my first group of trusted readers.
  • During this stage, I need to research places to send my book.
  • Then, make the changes my readers suggest and do a really good edit.
  • Finally, send it out… let it fly. Or something.

As a result of all of these steps, I should be on the right road to publishing my book. I hope.

Health ResolutionG

Health Resolution: To maintain a weight of 60kg

I know what you’re thinking, a fitness resolution… really…? But it’s important to me, so be quiet about it!

Over the last five years, my weight has slowly crept up and up. It’s not been drastic or particularly noticeable but I can feel it and it makes me feel old and lazy. Because I feel this way, I am motivated to change!

  • Firstly, I need to drink more water.
  • Next, I need to acknowledge my sedentary lifestyle and try to introduce new ways of moving into my day.
  • Then, I need to focus on the food I eat and analyse where I’m going right and wrong.
  • And finally, I need to work on my stress levels and sleep schedule! Because I won’t be able to maintain anything without checking those out.

The result should be a steady decline in my weight and improved happiness over all!

Relationship Resolution

Relationship Resolution: To fix and work on important relationships 

I’ve already been working on this resolution over the past year. I used to believe that I didn’t like anybody, actively pushing people away. But, I’ve grown up. I’ve realised that I need different people in my life for different reasons. So, I need to work on the relationships that mean the most to me.

  • Firstly, going on more dates with my boyfriend.
  • Next, setting aside time in the week to call my parents.
  • Then, weekly chats with friends in my life that live too far away.
  • Finally, arranging lunches, dinners, walks etc with friends that live closer!

I want to have a solid, stable support group around me. I want people that boost me up and that I can boost up in return. You know, friends that bring you happiness and love and all that great stuff.

Lifestyle Resolution

Lifestyle Resolution: Expand my world, my mind and life

It’s not as wishy-washy as I’ve made it sound. More simply: I want to travel more, read more and de-clutter my life.

  • Firstly, I’ve pledged to read 20 books this year. Here’s my Good Reads profile, if you’re interested: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/72165217-georgi
  • Next, I plan to take a small day trip on my own (or with others) once a month to see things that I’ve always wanted to see!
  • As well as this, I’m keeping up the decluttering goal from last year and continuing my search for a zero-waste future. Recycling, homemaking and tidying up.
  • Finally, I’ll be finding and taking part in short and online courses. Because I want to be in education forever!

This is the resolution I’m most looking forward to. I’m hoping that by sticking to it, it’ll help boost the other resolutions I’ve made! I hope!

Creative Resolution

Creative Resolution: To draw my own comic/graphic novel

This resolution is about creating something physical, colourful and imaginative. It’s an outlet for the creative blockage that comes when you write all day every day. And it’s fun.

  • Firstly, I’m going to pick up a sketchbook and start drawing stuff every day.
  • Next, I’ll sign onto a drawing course that will help me hone my limited skill.
  • Then, I’ll make something vaguely comic-like and put it out into the world.
  • Finally, I’ll see what the reaction is! And rinse and repeat!

Compared to the other resolutions this one is the least formed but, it’s a fun little one. It’s about trying something different that I’m super passionate about. It’s about having fun and story-telling. I want this comic to be me in a nutshell. Stupid, scruffy, silly and sensitive.

That’s it! 2019 resolutions made!

So, I wanna say, thanks for reading! I hope that this has been somewhat useful for making resolutions for 2019. If not, at least an insight into what this blog is all about.

So have a nice day! And a nice week! And make some cool resolutions this year!

If you liked this post, leave me a comment and share your resolution for 2019.

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