Ten Days to Book It!

Here’s my problem. Shocking, right? I’ve got a problem!

I need structure. It’s why I keep going back to school. I mean, I also want to learn and all that crap. But mostly, it’s because I have a really great desire to improve myself. Build my body of work and generally get better at the thing I love. (That’s writing, by the way.)

“What happens when you leave school, Georgi?” Well, invisible internet question. I flail. I confuse myself. I get stroppy. I get frustrated. I start again a million times. And I never finish anything. After the past year of necessary pain, I have improved. But, I’m not healed. The side of my brain that says, “Go on! Just watch one more episode of Terrace House Aloha State, it’s basically lunch time!” That part is still louder than the side that’s going, “Write words! Finish your story!”

So here’s my plan. (Which I should have started like a month ago. See above mess of words and make accurate assumptions about my personality.)

  • 10 days!
  • One adapted screenplay turned middle-grade novel!
  • 20,000 new words! (5000 already written because I’m not completely useless!)
  • For the numerically challenged that’s 2000 words a day! (Like Stephen King.)
  • No looking back! (Until the end where we edit it a million times.)
  • Mad Typing Starting: Monday 16th October
  • Mad Typing Ending: Thursday 26th October
  • Self-imposed Final-No-Really-This-Is-It Deadline: 29th October (So, there’s room for major fuckups of which there will be plenty because it’s me.)

And yes… The return of the graph! (If you have no idea what I’m talking about: Click here to see my other mad typing graph.)

So there we go! If you feel like watching this trainwreck, I will, of course, be using DruidGeorgi.com as my number one source of distraction and procrastination. Followed in close second by the Nintendo Switch. Oh? Did I not mention that I got a Switch?! I did. Because I hate everything productive in the world.


This is me: A 25-year-old idiot attempting to be self-employed…

Wish me luck and thanks for reading!

(Book haul from Cheltenham Lit Fest coming soon!)

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