Tokyo 2017: Ice Cream Tears

May 22, 2017

Before I talk about the best ice cream I’ve ever had, I’ll blab a little about this day.

First we went to Nakano Broadway which is this five floor circus of every kind of random you could possibly want. I bought stuff, you guys. I’m going to do a haul post after I’m done making everybody jealous with my food. At Nakano Broadway we got our coffee in this amazingly hipster cafe nestled into the randomness. we were the only people in there which is rare for Tokyo.


And then shopping happened. I Got a bunch of “high-end” gatchas. Four little cuties for 500¥ each. You’ll see them soon. “What are gatchas?” I hear you cry. Well they’re little cases filled with fun toys, you put money in them, turn the dial and the toys tumble out. It’s fun and addictive.


Then, because Hannah and I have zero self control, we went to Sunshine City in Ikebukuro. This is your standard mall. Except within this mall there is a Pokemon centre. Stay tuned to see which Pokemon I caught… eh? eh? No? Shut up, Georgi? Okay.

Anyway here’s a boring photo of some of the little guys up for grab. Also, I didn’t take a picture because I was having a “moment” but they have a great limited edition collection of the Evee evolutions which were pretty spectacular. Yeah, the Pokemon store! A great place to spend all of the money you have on more toys.


Then lunch. At this point we were just the hungriest people on the planet. Here is my minced tuna on rice, egg roll, miso, pickles and a cold, sweaty hash brown. I did not eat the hash brown.


Then. Came. The. Moment. We. Lost. Our. Shit.

This ice cream is the best ice cream. It just is. According to Hannah this ice cream has more milk in it? Or something? Which makes it as creamy and delicious as I imagine eating a cloud would be. The place we got it from was Café La Mille and yeah, It’s 500¥ of joy. Oh! Did I mention the cone? The cone was like a posh biscuit that you’re only allowed to buy at Christmas otherwise it will spoil all of the other biscuits.

So, in my true “I’m crying whilst I’m eating this fashion” here’s a blurry picture of the beast itself.

IMG_20170518_164620 (1)

This was a great day.

Thanks for reading. 🙂

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