Tokyo 2017: Cheese Toast

May 20, 2017

You may have gathered that this is not my first time to Tokyo. So I’m not really doing of the touristy things.

Today (And by today I mean like 4 days ago) was chilled. In Monzen-Nakacho there’s a coffee shop called The Monz and it’s great. It’s a firm favourite as is their cheese toast and black coffee.


After the Monz we went and sat in Yoyogi park for ages! We got custard pastries and cold coffee and hung out. It was cool but sunny so perfect.

For a meal… Dinner I think we went to a place called Bills. It’s a chain here not the same as the one in the UK, it’s better. Everything’s better here.


Here’s my mozzarella and spinach toastie, which nearly made me cry.


Then the blurriest picture of the best pancakes ever. Sorry it’s so blurry but it’s accurate because at this point I was crying. They are fluffiest pancakes in all the world, you’ve gotta try these if you come to Tokyo!

That’s all for now! x

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