Japan 2017: Coffee Waffle

May 23, 2017

This is the last food post from Tokyo. I know, I’m sad too. I did eat a lot more than the things I wrote about but these were my favourites and also I forgot. This last post is a smush of my last few days. As you can probably tell by the way I’m writing, I’m home now. So we’ve got Blue Bottle in Monzen-Nakacho, Chiles in Harajuku and I wanna say Genki Sushi in Shibuya but I’m not sure.


Blue Bottle is pretty close to where I was staying. It has great coffee and the baristas are super super friendly. I’ve got so many coffees from Blue Bottle. This day it was hot as balls so I got an iced cold brew coffee. It’s seriously good, you guys! Just go there. Even if you don’t live in Tokyo or even Japan, buy a ticket and go get a freaking Blue Bottle coffee.


Next up, conveyor belt sushi. It was pretty good. We queued up for ages to get in. These tempura prawn maki rolls were the stand out dish. Yummm!


Finally, Chiles Burritos. Obviously burritos don’t look so good when they’re just sitting parcelled up on your plate but this anemic looking guy was so good I didn’t pause for a mid-way photo. Cheesy, beany and delicious. I got the level 3 spiciness and it wasn’t spicy at all next time I’d go for the full 5.


All in all, the food in Tokyo makes me cry. Actually most things in Tokyo make me cry, I  just really love it here! Like a lot! Great now I’m crying again!

Thank you for reading along and I hope you’ve enjoyed this little travel series. There’s still a major Tokyo haul post to come but I’ll leave you hanging with that one.

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