A little weirdness goes a long way

Apr 17, 2013

I think it’s about time I began to utilize this blog thing.
I tried to hard, and I got bored.
I didn’t try hard enough and I was still bored.
Finding balance is something that doesn’t come naturally to me, so instead I’m just going to write. Imperfectly unbalanced but true.
I write stories and scripts for myself. This blog should be the same and if someone happens to read and enjoy it too then I will be one very happy writer.
Let us begin with niceties.
Hi. I’m George. I’m a writer. I like fairytales, wistful poetry and the Beatles. (But then, everybody likes the Beatles!)
I am also a student. Film. Second year. Falmouth. Cornwall. Yes, it is a great place to live, thanks for asking.
My mum once asked me, “why do you write a blog, do you have something important to say?” I said, “no, but I just have a lot of thoughts and sometimes I want to share them.”
And that’s simply why.
I shall leave you with a thought from my new favourite obsession, Dr. Seuss.
Have a nice day, let’s fall in love.

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