Tokyo 2017: Big Fat Haul!

May 24, 2017

Okay, okay, okay. Let me explain myself. If you guys have clicked around my little blog you might have noticed that I challenged myself to be more of a ‘minimalist’ a while back. Since then I’ve not really spent that much time collecting stuff which I thought was pretty restrained of me. I would strut around Cornwall thinking that I’m a minimalist now, I don’t need to fill my life with random trinkets and clutter. The truth of it is that I didn’t want any of the things Cornwall was trying to trick me into buying. Now Tokyo, well she’s a whole new kettle of fish. (Is that a saying? I’m not sure.)

What I’m trying to say is that I got a lot of stuff.

And I’m not sorry about it. What I am sorry about is my camera and my excellent photography skills.

Hannah basically scooped a whole bunch of things into my basket so I wouldn’t get Japan sick. (It’s a real illness I swear!)


Lets go top to bottom? Melon Pan, obviously! Seaweed crisps, Spicy as balls crisps (I don’t know that for sure I’m just going by the evil looking chilli), Rice crackers, nuts and stuff, buttery potato sticks which are a party in your mouth, coconut pocky, the limited edition mint kitkats and koala chocolate snacks. At this point you might be wondering if this post is going to be a huge list of all of the things I bought and you’d be right. Shameless listing going on here!

NEXT! I spent far to long arranging my new things to take this picture. But yeah, here’s my new shit.


The green totoro, that’s right, the green one! Big fluffy Gengar, he’s not scary, you are! Togepi. Some stationary with cats and pigs it, two Studio Ghibli ceramic cups, a cute little bear from the San-X world of trapping adults into buying tiny cute things, my three little Gatcha buddies, loads of stickers, two erasable pens, a card case, notebooks and a Kiki’s Delivery Service wind chime.


Here’s a close up of the mugs and the teeny little bear.

Also I’ve got a bonus B-Side Label Haul. B-Side Label is the sticker shop in Harajuku it’s impossible to go in there and not buy anything. The stickers are all drawn by local artists and come in small, medium and large. I also got a little cat patch.


That’s it for my Tokyo blogs for this year. I’m home now with many, many stickers and a lot of work to do.

Thanks for reading!! x

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