Hubbox, Donuts and a Big Challenge

May 25, 2017

Food in Cornwall is good too. I doubt it would make anyone cry like that ice cream and those pancakes but it’s worth writing about!

In Truro yesterday and got myself a Hubbox Betsy Burger. Chickpeas and spices and stuff and two massive and delicious onion rings, about £10. It’s worth it. Hubbox has a bunch of restaurants around Cornwall so definitely check it out! Super yummy and three veggie burgers to choose from!


Because we are fatties we went straight to Coffee and Donuts and cute little cafe hidden in one of the backstreets of Truro. Don’t ask me where it is, I couldn’t tell you! Donuts were freaking amazing though, you know they’re good when you get jam all over yourself! Six mini cinnamon donuts, one jam and one chocolate with chocolate toppings. YUMM!


Today was a wake-up call to the amount of work I’m going to have to do over the summer. I’m in my last semester of my masters course so my monumental challenge is this: Write one feature screenplay and two short screenplays. Original ideas. Oh and you have ten weeks to do this. So that’s what’s about to happen. What’s wrong with me?

For my assessment which isn’t only the screenplay but also a supporting essay, I’ll be using this blog as a kind of documentation of my experience of fully developing a feature in ten weeks. I thought I’d give you all a warning that it might not be quite as bizarre around here for a while. I’ll be using the tag “screenwriting challenge” to keep everything organised.

So that’s all for today! Thanks for reading and wish me luck for this madness.

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