Life: Wishes for life

Dec 10, 2013
It’s been over a month. I have excuses but they’re boring. 

I have a wish list. Things that I must do… see… and as it’s nearly the new year (breezing over that red and green christmas thing) I thought that I’d share some of the things on it, you know, for when I find my footing on my bumpy life path. 

Create spectacular worlds.
My life long addiction with fantasy worlds has meant that my imagination has felt more alive than my actual life. I have worlds that need to escape my mind. 

Live outside the UK.
I can’t imagine myself staying in England. It’s too cold and too stuffy. I want to travel everywhere to find out where I really belong and then build my nest. 

Feel comfortable.
I’m a little twitchy. A little restless. Always looking over my shoulder and at my shadow. I don’t know how to get rid of that but I want to.

All the diving. Scuba, Sky. Life diving. Let’s just say I want to throw myself into situations, diving, no looking back.

Get a doctorate.
I guess I’m on that path right now. I like to learn. It makes sense to be rewarded for it.

See the Northern Lights.
This phenomenon has its place on so many wish lists, but it’s so goddamn beautiful!

Become published.
A solid book. With my name on the front and my mind on the inside. That can be read and enjoyed. To call myself a writer. Sigh… that’s the dream. 

Feel fantastic on the inside and outside.
I want rocking abs and a healthy mind. Maybe run a marathon…

Be on credits of a film (my film).
Searching for my name at the end of a film will be a reality. Written by… based on the book by…

Learn a foreign language.
This is happening. French is most likely. Although Elven would be my first choice.

Make one person fall in love with my work.
If I could make one person love my stories as much as I love other peoples I think I would be complete. Then I could move to the mountains and live in peace.
The end. 

I’ve gotta go work on my scripts. 

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