Week 8 - In which I chill ... a little. Not too much though, we're still on a deadline!

Jul 16, 2017

Like I said earlier this week, I finished the first draft Our Hero Rhea. It’s not done! I’m already very aware of my pacing issues and other ridiculousness that’s going on in those 100 pages but the point is that I wrote them! That’s the hardest part done and out of the way!

But wait! I’ve still got two more screenplays to write! That’s right folks, my challenge was not for one screenplay, not even two but three! One feature which I can happily check the first draft of and two short films which I cannot. But I’m not worried. And here’s why:

Writing the feature has taken a load off my mind and now I’m ready to edit which means that I won’t be writing many new things. I’m also taking a week off even thinking about Our Hero Rhea which means that I’ve got a whole week to think about the two other projects! Which is exactly what I’ve been doing.

I wanted the shorts to compliment my feature, not necessarily connected but following the same themes and tone. So I made a fictional book called “Fettle’s Tales”. Think of it a bit like the Just So Stories or Aesop’s Fables. A compilation of stories from the same world about how to do good things and how bad things are punished. This also keeps the shorts focused on children’s storytelling.

It’s been a fairly awesome week over all. I worked insanely hard for the first half finishing Our Hero Rhea and then I’ve spent the rest of the week researching, writing little tidbits and sketching stuff. It’s felt very chilled.

The plan for next week is to write the first draft of my little shorts and then on Thursday I can start working on my second draft of Our Hero Rhea. Also working on the essay.

Thanks for reading!

Druid Georgi

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