Midweek Update - Topped up on Coffee and Typing for Days

Jul 12, 2017

It’s done!

I finished it. First draft is done. Done, done, done.

And here’s what I learnt:

I need coffee. Coffee is my friend.

I also need to write in a public space. The thought of people watching me work makes me work harder. Is that weird? Probably.

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learnt is that it feels good to have the words on the page. It’s all good to say that you’ve got a great idea in your head but it’s better to say that you have it on paper (digital paper until I save up a small fortune to print it out). So to get there the key is: Don’t look back. 

Don’t edit. Don’t change anything. Just keep a record of the thing you want to change. Keep making words appear. Then when you’re done you can scrutinise the words.

I might have said this already but I’m saying it again because I really, really believe it.


It’s a quick and happy update for now.

Thanks for Reading!

Druid Georgi

My name's Georgi. I'm all about stories, nature and not being a horrible person. Grab a coffee, scroll around and laugh at my expense. My life motto is, 'Imagine if I'd done tried or whatever.'