Week 7 - Technical Issues

Jul 10, 2017

This week has been a week of a lot of writing.

Again. I’m not sure there’s a lot to say on that front. Except that I’m not finished but it’s okay. There have been a lot of events this week and for that reason I’ve got a lot of emotions. Here are the events that have lead to the emotions.

  1. My laptop battery ran out in 40minutes. Sad.
  2. My rental agreement runs out soon so I’m house hunting. Stress.
  3. My laptop froze in the middle of an emotional scene between Rhea and Pandora. Panic.
  4. I found a new place to live. Happy.
  5. I went to look at new computers. Found a Windows computer that looked nice. Desire.
  6. My laptop froze in the middle of an introduction to a new character. Rage. Sadness. Betrayal.
  7. Lost the pages I’d written about my new character.  Panic. World-is-ending. Crying.
  8. Realised that everything I’ve ever written is either a Final Draft or a pages file. Fear. Dread. Distress.
  9. Started planning where we’re going to put furniture in the new flat whilst I restarted my computer. Crazed. Not-really-distracted-but-pretending-to-be. 
  10. Starting writing things by hand. Calm. Then instantly angry.
  11. My hand wouldn’t write as fast as my brain wanted it to. Frustrated. Pining for my laptop.
  12. Opened my laptop and rewrote my pages. Scorn. Resentment. Trepidation.

It’s been an eventful week, that’s for sure, and I’m trying to be mindful of the time I’ve got left.

I’m way way over half way now and my plan dictates that I should be at first drafts by now. I did plan for this by giving myself an overflow week which I am now in. I just have around 30 pages left to write. Based on my numbers for last week I will be able to do. But based on my current knowledge of what’s going on in my story… meh… I’m not so sure. I’m at page 70 and I’m in that “what’s this again?” stage. Hopefully I can kick myself out of it. Or the coffee will.

Thanks for reading.

Druid Georgi

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