Week 6 - In which I type a hag, a forest and a castle *Includes interactive graph!!*

This week is all about seeing how much I can write. I’m now fully in screenwriting mode. Churning out page after page, never looking back and loading myself up on coffee and cookies until I hit my goal. My days of whiskey and cigarettes has passed although I’d go for a whiskey right now… or a cigarette…

I was going to list out the days and my page counts to show my progress but I thought it would be more fun to make a graph! Graphs are fun, you guys! Anyway! This is probably the quickest weekly update I’ve done. But, as the graph will demonstrate, I need to catch up! I missed a day yesterday!

As you can see, I’m trying to keep a 9 pages a day minimum to keep on track for my deadline. But for future projects I think I’d be more comfortable with a 7 page minimum? Perhaps.

I’m going for the ‘don’t look back’ approach. But I’m keeping a note of the things that I’ll need to work on in draft 2. Here are some of my favourite notes from the week:

“What’s on the shelf in the cavern?”
“Shelf items”
“Seriously this shelf though?”

“Perigreever the mountain golem. What’s his story?”

“God of All Things is a bit shit at the mo. Stupid name. Not scary enough.”

“Someone has to say the name Gatharia before page 44.”

“Ahh! Underground city! Cool okay. What’s it like? Details (better details than the one’s you’re writing right now)”

“Map of Rhea’s house/Stronghold/Gatharia/City/Hidden City” 

I think I like maps too much.

I’m working super super hard on this, as you might be able to tell by the fact that I can’t stop going on about it! But I’m past halfway now and it’s making me nervous!

Best keep writing!

Thanks for reading!

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