Midweek Update - Pancakes, Pages and Pyjamas

Jun 29, 2017

 This week is actually going pretty well. Heaps better last week. I’m in the zone, you guys! In. The. Zone.

Weirdly, what’s been working for me is a little change of scene. I began the week meandering around town before settling in Costa. When I want to spend a long time writing in a coffee shop, I always feel a little bad doing in it in indies. There are always less seats. Plus it’s summer and it goes a bit mental in summer.

Entertainingly, I was adopted by a mad family in Costa. The mum was trying to do some work too, but she couldn’t get her “shitty old laptop” to work. And with two daughters sitting right in the middle of the floor the risk of coffee related burning incidents were high. She seemed stressed as hell.

I offered the kids sit at my table. I wasn’t really taking up much space and it was pretty packed in Costa too. Like I said, it gets mental in summer. (They both had phones or something electronic to stare at.) The mum, I think, looked like she might cry. But yeah. It was a change of scene. I think I made someone’s day a little less shit. And I wrote like 10 pages. AND! I bought some books! (I will maybe to a book haul but I’ve been promising that for weeks now…)

The rest of the week I’ve mostly been hiding inside. I’ve baptized a pair of old shorts as ‘my writing shorts’ (baptized with pancake batter) and I’ve been sat in the same position for days. Tap tap taping away.

I decided not to give up on my goal, despite of last weeks mental fiasco. There will be a feature screenplay first draft by the first week of July. There will!

Best get writing! On page 27! I’m not stopping until it’s done.

Oh and I’ve eaten pancakes everyday this week. I’m not sorry about it.

Thanks for reading!

Wish me luck.


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