Week 5 - In which I Cthulhu it up!

Jun 25, 2017

This week has been a little bit lax in terms of actual solid documentation. I’ve been on the road and distracted so I guess that’ll be my sorry excuse.

It’s not been a waste of a week though! Even though I’m talking like it is… I’ve started to script my stories now and damn it feels good to be doing that! But I’ve realised that everything (And I mean everything) is too complicated. I think I storied too hard. So right now, I’m trying to dig out the most important parts of my stories. I think it’s harder to fill up an empty story than to uncrowd a complicated one? Maybe?

This seems to be a very short week update. It’s also brought to you by sofa Georgi instead of desk Georgi.

At the moment I’m feeling nervous about my beginning of July deadline. I’m not sure it’s going to happen. For the feature I’ve got about 17 pages of stuff but about 5 pages of useable stuff. And for the first short I’ve got about 3 pages of stuff but it’s too complicated so I need to start again.

I’ve got a tough week ahead. So zero distractions. Except my mum because she’s is coming to stay. But she can help me with story. And feed me seafood. And buy me books. And tell me everything will be okay. She’s also bringing my dog. Who will love me unconditionally. And lick my face. And sit on my lap. And make me laugh.

On second thought, some distractions might be nice.

Goal for week six: Write words. Write pages. Try not to whirlwind around. Document stuff. Read things. (Also think about your second short… it’s okay. No need to panic! But yeah… also panic a little bit. Because the syllabus says two short films not one. Dummy. And we’re half way through.)

Thanks for reading!

** EDIT **
I forgot to mention why I called this post “In which I Cthulhu it up.” Sorry. Maybe I won’t explain it now. Maybe I’ll just leave it all up in the air. Yeah that sounds good.

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