Week 4 - In which I have a moment that lasts a week

Jun 19, 2017

This week might have been a little bit of a fail in terms of progress. Yes, I finished a first draft of  one of my short film treatments but that’s been about it.

I’ve been trying to bash out my feature story. Beginning, middle, end. Boom, boom, boom. Trying to get it down quickly and simply. But for some reason I always get a bit lost around the middle. I tried to do the Disney Pixar approach which is number four on this list. The other numbers are good too, I was just looking for a story structure one.


I think it’s working. This is my basic story.

Once upon a time there was a girl named Rhea who didn’t know she was a goddess in a hidden world. Everyday she’d go to school, which she hated and be taken care of by her Nana, who she loved. One day Nana disappeared through a strange rift in the wall of their house. The head-strong Rhea followed her in to try to save her but her Nana was nowhere to be found. Instead Rhea collided with a disgraced god called Alijir who made a deal with Rhea. He would help to find Nana if Rhea helped him destroy the tyranical God of All Things. Because of this the God of All Things who rules over Gatharia felt the invader arrive demanded she be brought to him. Rhea struggled to control her newly discovered power but her immense strength made her easy to find. Because of this Rhea went on the run. This is when her mother, who she believed was dead, appeared to her. She told Rhea that it was her destiny to defeat the God of All Things and restore Gatharia to it’s former glory. Rhea Until Finally she is able to use a her powers to dethrone the God of All Things and set Gatharia on a path to recovery.

This is a very very very rudimentary version of the story that I can currently untangle you can see that past the middle it’s a little bit… well… shit. Sorry. I’m missing out the cool bits and some major characters. Plus I think I’m making the story sound kind of boring. It’s not boring! It’s not.

Let’s try again.

Once upon a time there was a girl called Rhea who every day tried to make herself invisible at school. One day her Nana, who raised her, disappeared through a strange rift in their house. Together with her friend Tiffin, Rhea followed her Nana through the rift and because of this the pair landed in a strange world called Gatharia with only Aljir, a disgruntled kid-god, as their guide. Aljir promised to help them find Nana if they could help him get rid of the God of All Things who had been single-handedly destroying the land for decades. The pair agreed and began making their way across Gatharia fighting what ever came their way. Because of this their presence became became known to the God of All Things and the danger increased. But Rhea had discovered that she was not an ordinary kid who’d gotten caught up in some otherworldly dangers but was the descendent of some awesome deities. Her powers increased as the danger did. Until finally Rhea went face to face with the God of All Things who’d taken her Nana. With all that she’d learnt, along with Tiffin and Aljir, she was able to destroy the source tyranny and be reunited with her Nana. (And happily ever after?)

Does that sound better? I’m not sure now.

At the moment it kind of feels a lot like the Chronicles of Narnia. Which probably isn’t great because if it feels like the Chronicles of Narnia then it’s probably going to be an annoying discount version. It’s okay, though it’s all part of the story making process. If only I didn’t have a deadline rapidly approaching…

I’m supposed to be at my first draft by week 7. And we’re moving into week 5 now. This week will be about stepping up my game. Writing some damn script. And stop being such an annoying moaner.

I can do this… right?

Thanks for reading!

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