Week 3 - In which I type stuff (and also binge)

Jun 12, 2017

This week has been about three things: structure, story and stealing all the books from the library. Well, not stealing. I’m using my library card but they’re closing the library over the summer and I’m not about to be without books for my final stretch of this course. Nuh-uh, no sir-y. Not me. Nope. Nope. Nope. But it does feel like stealing when you go in, scoop out an awkward amount of books and then leave completely encumbered.

I’m not sure how much I have to write about this week. I’ve worked for about 20(ish) hours which feels about right. I know I said 25-30 hours but if I’m just sitting there spinning around on my chair then I’m probably not likely to get much more work done on that day.

I’m just kind of powering through with the feature story. I did watch some pretty great films at the beginning of the week (mostly rewatches) which will in form everything I’m working on.

Kubo and the Two Heart Strings:


Labyrinth. (Also this is the most 80’s trailer I’ve seen in a while. Why are trailers so boring now?)


And My Neighbour Totoro. I have so much love and so much time for this film:


The second part of the week fell apart a bit. I spent it mostly binging Orange is the New Black season 5 but we’re not going to talk about that. Well, no, actually… let’s talk about it a little bit. It’s made me more confident because there’s no way my ending can be as unsatisfying as their ending. Seriously I sat there for a million hours and then did a bit of ranting after it was over. Maybe I’m missing something?

Plan for this week is to do an unapologetically long post about my recent book haul… the ‘library heist’ edition. Also, as I’m very aware that my self-inflicted deadline of beginning of July is coming up fast so I’ll probably have to get on that soon.

But let’s switch to a more serious/professional tone. This week I’m working simultaneously on writing treatments for a couple of the projects. I’m trying to keep them short and happy because I want then to feel like the genre they’ll become. Kids. Or for adults that wish they were kids. And kids that definitely don’t want to be adults.

Anyway, must get back to definitely not making a book fort for all my toys.

Thanks for reading!

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