Podcasts, maybe? Wellness Challenge 2019: Day 15

Jul 16, 2019

Wellness Challenge 2019: Day 15

Podcasts, maybe?

On my Wellness Challenge 2019: Day 15, the NYT Well-Challenge ask us to pick a ‘sound‘ to workout to. To build a healthy exercise habit. This morning all I did was use the music that comes on the 8fit app but I think for the coming week I’m going to try my luck with Podcasts or Audiobooks. The idea behind this challenge is, of course, distraction.

Focusing on something other than how much the plank is killing my arms are supposed to make exercise easier. And perhaps that’s true. But, as I’ve said before, I really enjoyed the first ‘Move day’ where they asked us to fully focus on the way our body was feeling. But I get that it can be hard to keep that up.

What I thought

Some days I do definitely struggle with motivation and music does help. But I really like the idea of picking a podcast or audiobook that I only listen to when I exercise. In fact, I kind of prefer it. It would be a big motivation to get into the exercise, especially if I pick something I’m desperate to read… I need to plan this out!

I’m not sure I have a lot else to say about this day. In general, I like how much movement is apart of this 30-day challenge. I like that I’ve been asked to try out different exercise and motivation techniques. They’ve definitely been helpful in building habits and I think it’s great that I can cherry-pick the techniques that fit with my workout style.

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