Breathe in the Morning. Wellness Challenge 2019: Day 16

Jul 17, 2019

Wellness Challenge 2019: Day 16

Breathe in the Morning

On the NYT Well-Challenge, we already know that being in the moment is the most important thing. And today is no different. The task asks for a couple of minutes in the morning to meditate on the day. Drawing your mind to your daily intentions and self-awareness.

Why? They say that taking a mindful moment before you start your day can help lower stress and increase attention span throughout the day. I find it also helps lower my anxiety level, too. There’s a common misconception that meditation has to be this long, gruelling, silent event where you have to sit very still and think of nothing. At least, that’s what I always thought it had to be. This task, asks not to carve time into your morning routine in order to meditate but to use an activity that you already do and make that the focus of your meditation. (In that way it’s pretty similar to the tooth-brushing task from the first week.)

What I thought

Since starting this challenge I’ve changed my morning routine spectacularly to include moments like these. So much so, that I’m often late for work. But in comparison to the days where I don’t complete my morning routine, for example – when I pick up my phone, or when I don’t drink water or move around – I feel and perform worse. Recognising this, I’ve pushed back my start time at work and attempted to wake up earlier to accommodate this routine.

_Here’s a brief summary of my morning routine:
_– Wake up and immediately drink 500ml water.
– Grab my coffee.
– Sit on the sofa and read, today I just mindfully sipped. (10 mins)
– 10-15 min workout courtesy of 8fit.
Shower and get dressed. (15-20mins)
Breakfast and sometimes a second coffee. (10mins)
– Brush my teeth on one foot. (2mins)
– Check my phone before I leave the house.
Walk to work. (15mins)

But this task asks me to take something I already do and ‘make it mindful.’ So I chose my morning walk. 15 minutes of walking through the centre of town. It’s an activity that I generally dislike because of the traffic and the people. But I was up for the challenge of making it a mindful experience. (Can you tell I’m feeling pretty advanced in this challenge?)

Honestly, it was hard. Especially because my senses were so heightened in the public space. But I think I can work on it and make it an enjoyable and mindful experience.

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