News and the About Me Section Poem

May 9, 2017

I decided to redo the site again… can you tell?! I think it looks pretty nice… but I’m a little bias. One of the things I decided to get rid of was the “About Me” section poem. I know, I know. It’s a sad day… But I’ve kept it! And it’s here! Enjoy!

In other news! I finished my notebook today! It’s always a nice feeling to finish one. The featured image is a picture of the back of it with stickers from B-Side label in Tokyo.

That’s all for today enjoy my cheesy rhyming madness.

About Me Section.

Most blogs have an About Me Section,
Filled with things you need to know.
So I’ll treat this like a taster,
A place to dip your toe.

I call myself a writer,
I know I was born to write.
Without this space to spill my thoughts,
I would definitely be up all night.

I don’t claim to be very special,
To be big-headed or true.
The only thing I care dearly about,
Is my relationship with you.

On this blog I’ll talk about,
Stuff that doesn’t matter.
It’s just a place for me and me,
to have a little natter.

I hope you like the things I say,
I try to make them fun.
And if you want to know more about me,
I’ll tell you when this is done.

Take a look around my blog.
And see what there is to see.
Best Wishes, Yours truly,
Seen you soon, Lots of Love From Me.

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