My Week in Food #5

Jul 21, 2017

Oh No! Food Friday is here!! It’s gunna be really sucky this week! I apologise!

I’ve only got three pathetic pictures of food. In my defence, though I hate excuses!! I’ve been kinda ill. Like the annoying lethargic, achy, head pain ill… But anyway! That’s it for excuses. Here are my really sad pictures…


Hummus! (Houmous? Humous?) Snack. That’s paprika and pepper on the top of it. It was pretty good.


Homemade Mac & cheese with cauliflower and broccoli. Perfect ill food.


Celebrating presentations, house-movings and other things with a curry in Asha. This is Paneer Shishlick and a throw back to Raleigh India and to every time I needed hangover food as a fresher the humble Paratha. Even though I was feeling like shit this made me really very happy.

Sorry there was not an abundance of food this week. I did eat! I just, like, forgot.

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