My Week in Food #4

Jul 15, 2017

Food Friday Returns!! If you diligently follow my updates (which I’m sure.. is the case for everyone! Right!? Love me?) you’ll know I forgot Food Friday last week. But! I didn’t forget! I was house hunting! I was not taking pictures of my food and putting them on the internet… I’m sorry.

But you get a double edition this week! Aren’t you lucky people!?

In the future Food Fridays will not only be confined to Fridays though they will still be called Food Fridays! Because it’s fun and I totally made it up so I’m keeping it.

Also it looks like I’ve eaten out a lot but it’s really space out and I do my exercises so don’t judge me for the biggest food gorging one person has ever done.


My big and blurry Fuel Falmouth breakfast. Yes, my BF got pancakes. Yes, I had some. Yes, it was all delicious.


Ma and Jez came to visit so here’s my seafood feast. Prawn sandwich for lunch.


Scallops for dinner at The Shack! Nom nom nom!


Then calamari and sweet chilli. So good, you guys! It’s worth travelling for!


I’ve been spending a lot of time in Espressini my main coffee shop from my student days. This was my getting to 60 pages treat. I’m not even sure what it is now. It was so sweet. I’ve never not finished a cake. It was good but the picture doesn’t truthfully replicate the size! It was huuuuge!


I levelled-up some popcorn for my Okja viewing. Yep, that’s cheese and pepper.


Pre-house hunting burger from Coal in Gloucester. This was the slipperiest halloumi burger ever. I took the peppers out. They were not nice.


I ate this spinach and feta empanada right before we found our new house! Swallow Bakery! Nom nom!


Home bbq. Al fresco.


Went to Tank were we had out first date, we were feeling soppy. Brie and onion ciabatta and really awesome chips! Yes, I skipped the pizza… I still can’t believe I did that now. I mean, my thing was nice but that was pizza. PIZZA!


So I finished a first draft of my screenplay. This was my reward. Worth it!

That’s all for now folks.

Thanks for reading!

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