My Week in Food #1

Jun 16, 2017

Hi! These are pictures of the food I eat. It’s a new thing I’m trying. Every Friday is ‘My Week in Food’ day! I only just thought of this so this week might be a little bare on the pictures front but it’ll be a nice test!

P.S. On a blurry picture means that the food tasted so good I couldn’t be bothered to take a million pictures until one focused perfectly. Sorry not sorry.


Thursday night dinner was veggie chilli with cheese! Super good! (Blurry=yummy)


Got a “Jazzy” cornish clotted cream ice cream from Swanpool cafe! Try these, you guys! Don’t care if you live a million miles away get on your airship and come try one of these happinesses in a pot.

IMG_20170615_103050 (1)

As from my weekly update. Fruit buns with Fortnum and Mason blackberry jam! Do you like my new plate?


Lentil dahl. Just a big bowl of lentil dahl. Also broccoli. I love broccoli.


Roast dinner from Grapes. Also featured in my midweek update post.

Until next week food lovers.

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