Midweek Update - Learning to finish things

Jun 15, 2017

I’m not alone in this. A lot of writers/artists/makers of things have this same problem. Finishing things. I’m really good at beginning stories, making up worlds and characters but I really suck at ending the story and even when I do it’s never satisfying enough. This week is all about finishing my stories. I should be well into writing the scripts but it feels weird doing it when I don’t have all of my details fleshed out. So I’m holding my horses with Final Draft.

But it think I’m doing it. They’re going to get done this weekend. Well two out of three will get done, for sure.

Also this is kind of unrelated but here’s the food of the week. A fruit bun with blackberry jam. And a big fat (vegetarian) roast dinner from Grapes. Yum yum yum!



I would eat Yorkshire puddings all the time if I could.

A bit more on my short film treatment! I’ve spoken a little about inspirations for the feature but not for the first short.

I’ve always loved mythology. Always. The Greeks were my favourite. So that was where I started. Because I like to make my life difficult I wanted to make my own Pantheon and my own gods with similarities to the gods we all know and love. I wanted everything to feel linked, as if my story could have been a retelling of a norse story. Or retold by the greeks. Or something.

In terms of visual style and tone (because this is a short screenplay not a short story) I wanted it to feel like the Three Brothers Story from Harry Potter. Narrated and animated.

Then I started looking into other short animations because I can totally justify that as work right now! Specifically I wanted to look at how short films use narration.


Then there’s Hercules, obviously! I’d really like my short to look like they’ve come to life from the illustrations on pottery.

And finally, Moana. The beginning story narrated by the grandma about how Maui stole the heart of Te Fiti. Beautiful! Just beautiful.

So that’s really what I’m going for. If I could make these films then that would be amazing. Writing gods! Shine down on me. Turn back time and make me the writer of Moana! Thanks!

That’s enough of procrastinating! Back to the stories now.

Thanks for reading/watching.

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