Poetry: My Friend

Jul 31, 2015

My Friend

Keep me near, my friend,
You are the rise to my fall.
Arm in arm, my pal,
It is there we will share it all.
Keep me close, my dear,
Don’t let me stray from your side.
Hold my hand, my darling,
Only in you can I confide.
Keep my smile, my flame,
It is brightest in your hands.
In my eyes, my treasure,
You’re the one that understands.
Keep my words, my lover,
In everything that you do.
In my heart, my sweet,
Is a place that’s just for you.
Keep my life, my love,
For it is ours to share.
Side by side, my soulmate,
I will always, forever, be there.

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Druid Georgi

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