Short Story: Things From Notes

Jun 19, 2015

Hey! George!
Why are you awake?
Put that screen away.
Shut your eyes…!

I am currently planning another 30 day challenge but I’m being slow and indecisive.

I bought a Nutribullet Juicer today because a year ago I watched a documentary called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and thought juicing seemed good. In true Georgi fashion I then did nothing about it and completely forgot about the documentary. Yesterday, I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2 and remembered my thoughts about juicing. So yeah. It means that I’ll consume something other than crisps, biscuits, tea and beer.

I get really really bad hay fever. I wake up and my eyes are crying. I also fall asleep crying but that’s for a completely different reason… I JEST! But not really because that’s my life…

Sometimes I write things on “Notes” and then forget they’re there. Here’s one that I liked.
Have a nice day


I regularly asked my shadow why he kept me awake in the night.

I’d be tossing and turning in my sheets but failing to sleep and I blame him, my shadow.

He answered me one day, or night, with a question that rattled my heart.

“Why,” he asked, “do you make me stay awake in the day? Don’t you know that shadows are born to thrive in the blackness of the night? It’s not my fault hat you’ve always kept me wide awake.”

I stared at my shadow, shocked at his outburst, at his honesty. At his jet black eyes and his jet black smile. I waited for him to finish his scold. For I knew that this was just the beginning.

He continued at me, “I understand why you feel the opposite to me. But you must understand how I feel. To belong to a person who barely sees me. Who ignores me. Who steps on me. Who is not me. I am tired of being at your feet, I only want to be free.”

The longness of my shadow’s speech concerned me, at the least. It’s not that I’d failed to see that he was unhappy but that I didn’t want it to be true. I thought that I’d ignore his pain and it might just go away. But what I thought was helping us just kept his life at bay.

My shadow and I stared at each other, for longer than I’d care to admit. I knew what he wanted was my reply. Or, maybe, my consent? But I was scared of losing him, and what losing him would mean. So I took a while to contemplate, to make my mind feel clean.

Finally, I cleared my throat; a sign I was ready to begin. “I am sorry,” I said with dignity, “that I have forced your faith. And that I have made you feel that you are not worth my space. My shadow, you are with me, and I need you everyday. We make a team, and a great one, and I really want you to stay. I’ll love you, here, by my side or where ever you choose to go. I wish and hope you’ll change your mind. That you’ll believe me when I tell you how much I grow from you, how much I cherish you, and how much you influence my life. Please,” I cried, “Don’t leave me. I never wanted you to leave me.”

I think by now I was down on my knees, I begged him not to go.

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