Poetry: A Letter to an Awesome Friend

Sep 3, 2015
A letter to an Awesome Friend
(Massive apologies for the horrific rhymes, but not really. Just be aware that I’m aware how bad the rhymes are. Think of the sentiment, DAMN IT!)
To you, 
The one who’s always at the end 
Of the phone, the message or the bed. 
The one that helps me to remove the cloud
that lingers overhead. 
You’re special, you’re a star, you’re the best
at being you. You sparkle and shine.
You’re dotty and silly and a very, very
fast runner after a bottle of wine.
Or tequila, or just shots in general. 
There’s nothing we like better,
than to get a little messy, we just jump around and
Speak in code… Anyway let’s get back to your letter.
I know I don’t say it enough 
(and even saying that’s a cliche)
But I love you like Michael loves Ryan,
You’ve always brightened my day. 
And my night, when you’d know I’m awake,
because my lights are on. 
You’d know I was having some kind of 
ridiculous marathon.
We’re further away now and that’s 
quite sad.
I’ve got no one to come with me
when I go completely mad. 
You know what I’m talking about…
When you say 3-3-5-6-9-7,
I can’t help but grin.
And I’d retort with
You’ve always been able to calm me 
down, make me see straight. 
I’ve leaned on you and
cried on you and repeatedly relied on you. 
You held my hand through everything
and stuck with me like friendly glue.
When we do arts and crafts, 
We are lions, or sauces, or princesses. 
Or just make random crap for parties
and make all the messes.
Did I say that I love you?
I do. I can never wait to reunite. 


I’ll leave it at that for I could never do 
Your awesomeness justice with the silly words I write.
Rockets of love,

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