Poetry: A Letter to My Future Significant Other

Sep 1, 2015

A Letter to your Significant Other (or Future Significant Other)

Dear Future Significant Other,
I don’t know you, so I’ll speak like her mother.
Be careful with my girl, don’t let her break.
She may appear tough but you’ve seen how she shakes.
Be her foundation, her third eye, her tent poles,
Be that person she needs to close up those holes
That she gets when she spends days in bed. 
Don’t hurt her, don’t burn her, don’t mess with her head. 
Don’t let her down, she won’t take it. 
She’ll run for the hills if you treat her like shit.
She’ll always have her armour up, it’s just what she likes,
But she can bring it down, she’s not hostile or covered in spikes. 
She’s just cautious of people in love
To her they seem easier to dispose of.
Left to fend for themselves with nothing
but broken hearts and the memories of fucking.
This is not you, I’m sure.
For she’s probably been able to open that door.
And what a sight you see,
Am I right? I am talking about me… 
For, her in love is a strange thing. 
All the happiness and madness she brings
To you and the “us” you’ve discovered.
What you’ve created, developed and uncovered
Will keep her together and make her stronger,
And she’ll keep loving that little bit longer. 
She’ll thrive with you by her side,
and you’ll hold her hand with pride.
Together you’ll take on the town,
And carve your own path to go down.
You’ll be that sight to see,
You, her significant other, and me.

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