Lazy Girl does "The Minimalist Challenge"

Apr 21, 2015

It’s that tiiiime again! You know?
The time in the middle of the month where I have a mini existential crisis. (Pause to think about whether this is an oxymoron… I think it is.)

Once more, I’ve trailed through Pinterest in search of something ‘fun’ ish to fill the empty void in this blog.
Enter The Minimalist Challenge.
(See above for the badly placed image of said challenge.)

The minimalist challenge isn’t something I thought would exist. But it does so I’m going to win at it… Or put in some mediocre effort and then give up half way through. Though, this one does look like something I can do whilst maintaining my desired ‘lazy’ state.
We’ll see.
Let’s be optimistic.

So I just had a closer look at the list… Day one is ‘Stay offline for one day.’
I’ve failed. Already.
No, you know what! NO! This isn’t fair.
A day is 24 hours. The time right now is 9:12am so by the time I’ve finished this blog it’ll be 9:30am-ish (Shocker! I know! I spend longer than five minutes writing these things.)

From 9:30am 21/04 to 9:30am 22/04. I declare this my one day without internet!



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