Exercise of a Lazy Girl ("Dinner"&"Supper" or Parts 5&6)

Apr 2, 2015

It’s honesty time. Deep breath!

It’s taken me a few days to face this sad blog experiment that has failed structure-wise. Yes, I am aware that I was supposed to upload something every 4 days. And yes, I am aware that I was supposed to be measuring my achievements daily. AND YES, I am aware that I have officially proven myself to be a ‘lazy person’.

It’s not all a terrible failure though. Here’s some of the

I know how to motivate myself, something you’d think I’d have learnt at university buuuuut… not so much. I have finished my screenplay and a bunch of other writer-y type things, that’s definitely got a lot to do with this blog.

I also know that my body is stronger and more prepared than I thought it was. Doing 50 push ups every(most)(some) days was not completely muscle destroying. I’ve lost a few inches and am less squishy. So that’s a plus.

Lastly I know that I am capable of changing my mood, not by following a silly fitness chart everyday but by moving around with purpose. By energising my body I am able to unblock the umm.. blocked up bits of my mind.

Oh! My final measurements!

My Squishiness rating:
Biceps: 5.
Abs: 7.
Glutes: 8.
Thighs: 5.
My General Measurements:
Hips: 39” Waist 28” Bust 34”.
My Screenplay:
Moodscope Percentage:

I’m going to call this the end of my experiment.
I might do another one. Probably not for a little while.
But it’s been fun.

Druid Georgi

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