Lazy Girl does "The Minimalist Challenge" - Day 1

Apr 22, 2015
Stay offline for one day.
Having a day away from the internet was exactly as annoying as I knew it was going to be.
Here’s a short list of the things I had the urge to look at but couldn’t:
BBC News
Google map of the world
Google Holland
Google Japan
Google Visas for Japan
Google Jungian Archetypes
Google Vegetarian Recipes
Pinterest Vegetarian Recipes
More Pinterest
Buzzfeed Game of Thrones articles
You get it. I’ve been doing some major internet pining.
On the other hand, I have been uber productive.
Here’s a list of the things I’ve done since 9:30am:
Started reading a new book: Smiler’s Fair by Rebecca Levene
Came up with a new feature film idea
Started writing said idea
Took dog for a nice walk
Washed bugs of my windscreen
Learnt a bit of French. Bonjour!
Caught up with Game of Thrones
Annnd now I’m writing this blog post.
It’s only 8pm too. I’ve got so many hours left to burn up!
Probably going to watch one of the many films I’ve got upstairs still in its nice plastic wrappers.
I knew that Facebook was my primary form of contact and I’ve struggled to keep away from it today. I’m annoyed about how much I rely on it to talk to my friends. I waste a lot of time staring at that little blue and white page looking at peoples’ virtual lives. It’s not healthy. I feel quite stupid looking at the amount of time I spend staring at that screen. And I actually FEEL stupider too. I’ve not been using my brain. I’ve not been living.
I don’t want to say that the internet is evil and soul sucking because I don’t think that. Though I think I could do with a little more time away from it. It’s been a massive time-waster. Looking at my productivity levels today compared to my average day, which (you’ll just have to take my word on this) is crap compared to today.
So the point I’ve taken away from day one of the ‘Minimalist Challenge’ is that THE INTERNET IS EVIL AND SOUL SUCKING! Joking! JOKING! Remember! What I said a minute a go.
No, the point it this:
When faced these two options; Internet or Life, I’ve been picking Internet. This has got to stop. If I’m not more careful, I’ll start to resemble bath fingers and toes. You know all shrivelled, pruny and annoying. No one want to live life like that.



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