Lazy Girl Does 'The Minimalist Challenge' Days 27 & 28 (Sort of...)

May 18, 2015
Clean out your junk drawer.
I don’t have a junk drawer because my whole room is filled with junk. Though I don’t call it junk. I call it a nest. It’s comforting to be surrounded by all of the crap that I think I need but really don’t. 
Buuuuut there is one drawer. That seems to be more junk filled than the rest and there’s also a junk corner that I’ll work on as well. See what kind of impact it has on my space.
This is the one of the few days that I’ve been really grumbly about doing. Cleaning out things is not fun. It’s annoying. So here’s the thing it’s 9:40pm on day 28 and I didn’t do my task yesterday. And I didn’t do that task today either. I’m bad. I WILL do it. I have no plans tomorrow so maybe then…
Let go of a Goal
So I’ve already mentioned my fondness of journaling especially in my younger years. Another thing I enjoyed was writing lists. It’s one list in particular I’d going to share today. I wrote it long enough ago that I’m not embarrassed by it but also, I was old enough when I wrote it to be embarrassed at some of the things on the list. It really does show what a lame kid I was…
Does that make sense? 
Anyway here’s the list I wrote when I was 14/15. 
And the silvery bit at the top (clearly something I copied from a book or something) says,
‘Over the years your wish list should stay the same length as when it began. But not because it was never completed but because things got added and taken off as they are achieved…’
So that’s great. Probably good words but because they’re written in silver they’ve lost all meaning to me.
Anyway. The point! Today I’m going to let go of some of the goals I had when I was 14. Obviously there are some that I don’t want to get rid of like, ‘travel all over the world’ and ‘meet Johnny Depp’. I don’t see any reason to rid myself of those goals. 
There are some that I don’t really need anymore. 
Lets talk about numbers 3, 4, 16 & 17. Well do I really need to talk about them? I don’t want to be in or meet the cast of High School Musical anymore. I don’t want to be on a reality TV show. And I don’t have the strong desire to be a famous actress… I think I do enough acting in my regular life to suffice. Listen to this:
Random kin: “Hey, how are you?”
Me: “Hey, I’m fine. How are you?”
WOW! Am I right?! That’s worthy of an award right? ‘I’m fine.’ Phew! What a line! Baaah! 
Sorry sorry, I’m getting off track. Again! So I’m letting go of those goals, for sure!
I sadly also have to get rid of numbers 11 & 12. I don’t think I can complete the Duke of Edinburgh Awards anymore. It’s okay though. I’ve made my peace with that. I don’t need a medal to tell me I’m a good explorer and decent human being. 
I’m going to let go of number 14, ‘Get a whole new wardrobe’. It’s annoying that this is still a thing that I think I want AND that I want it so much that I put it on a wish list… Sigh. It’s gone. 
And a whole bunch of these goals I’ve proudly completed. 
Look at this: 
5. Donate time and effort to a 3rd world country. 
We went on Raleigh India for 3 months. We built toilets. We climbed a freaking mountain. That’s something 14 year old me would never have dream of doing!
7. Pass all my GCSE’s C grades and above. 
I got B grades and above. SUCK IT! 
(Why am I getting competitive with myself right now. It must be something to do with Baby Metal.)
8. Start a new sport/hobby.
I think I’ve done/am doing this. Writing films for one. Also binge-watching stuff. I’ve just started attempting film news/reviews. New stuff. 
9. Write lots of short stories and poems.
Well, 14 year old me. You don’t know this yet but you’ll have filled up many a notebook with angsty poetry and ridiculous stories by the time you reach 23. I’ve no doubt that ‘lots’ is an understatement.
13. Get a paying job.
We get those. Don’t worry. We’re doing good.
18. Get on a movie set.
Okay. So I guess we’ve kind of done this, in theory, I’ve wondered around a few movie sets. I think I’d amend this to, ‘Be on the set of MY MOVIE.’ And we’re still working on that.
One more on the list of goals…
15. Get totally organised. 
HA! HAHAHA! HAAAA! Sorry me! 
We will always panic about being late. We will probably always forget change for parking and lose our phones and laptop chargers. Our desktops will always be cluttered and our rooms will always be messy. We’ll always work on five million things at the same time and rarely ever be completely done with any of them. And that, my small past self, is what makes us so freaking awesome. 
You know what! I’m going to LET GO of this GOAL right now! Who the hell needs to be totally organised anyway?
Okay. That’s the end of today. I should really stop listening to Baby Metal. It’s done strange things to my brain.



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