Lazy Girl Does "The Minimalist Challenge" - Days 29 & 30

May 20, 2015
Turn off notifications
I like doing the no social media type tasks. It’s really refreshing. Not much to say about it though.
Evaluate your Last Five Purchases
Umm. Ahh. This is hard because I can’t really remember.
Okay engaging brain.
I just bought coffee and an almond croissant. So that’s my latest purchase. I’m working on a new project and lacking energy, so coffee and food tends to help with that. I’m also in my favourite coffee shop and they automatically make me coffee so that’s that.
Yesterday I bought some medication. £8.20. Really boring. Sorry.
The day before I got breakfast with my buddy so that’s number three.
And the day before that I got McD’s. That’s number four.
The thing I bought before that was petrol and crisps (Worcester Sauce) from a service station.
HA! Okay so basically the last 5 things I bought were either junk food, drugs or car food. Great. Very inspiring and definitely worth evaluating…
So, that’s an odd way to end this 30 Day challenge. I thought it would be a little more climactic if I’m honest…
I should round this off with some kind of ‘What I have learnt’ type thing. So, Georgi, what have you learnt?
1. I have learnt that I am way too dependent on the internet and social media and all that stuff but that I actively enjoy not being on it for a period of time.
2. I am a messy person. Both in life and in mind. I am aware that I probably need to tidy up and become a little more minimal (ey! ey!) in my approach to situations, projects etc etc.
3. Meditation is the single most important thing a person can do. It calms any mood.
Ahh I’m running out of battery!
4. I’ve learnt that I’m not great at keeping up a schedule. The morning routine thing kind of went to plop.
5. I’ve learnt that I like to talk about myself and to myself. HA! I don’t think it’s bad though.
6. And finally that I’m actually more minimal than I thought that I was.
That’s all folks!



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